Brand Requests

Instant access is given for the “We ship via UPS” logo, UPS photography, and UPS My Choice® banners for requests within the U.S. All other requests must go through an approval process.

Because the UPS Brand represents our promise to provide quality service, please adhere to the usage guidelines to ensure all assets are used properly.

Access Now

We ship via UPS

The “We ship via UPS” logo may be used by UPS customers on websites and print collateral. Simply click the link below to view usage guidelines and complete the form to download the logo.

Download logo
We Ship


A variety of images are available for immediate access, including photos of UPS vehicles, people, and technology. Simply click the link below to view usage guidelines and complete the form to download images.

Download photography
UPS Photography

UPS My Choice® (U.S. Only)

UPS My Choice banners are available for businesses that want to promote UPS's new service, which offers customers greater control over home delivery shipments.

Download Banners (Within the U.S.)
UPS Logo

Asset Download Process (Within the U.S.)

  1. Choose logo or photo(s)
  2. Review guidelines
  3. Complete request form
  4. Accept usage terms
  5. Download asset

Requests outside the U.S. will follow the process below.

Logos (UPS approval required)

UPS carbon neutral

UPS carbon neutral logos are available to communicate your participation in offsetting the carbon impact of transportation emissions.

Access logos
UPS carbon neutral

Eco Responsible Packaging Program

Customers who meet Eco Responsible Packaging Program criteria may use the program logo on shipment packaging, promotional, and informational materials.

Access logos
UPS carbon neutral

Asset Download/Approval Process

  1. Choose logo
  2. Download watermarked logo
  3. Create a sample layout to submit for UPS Brand approval
  4. Complete the request form and upload your sample layout
  5. UPS Brand reviews layout and provides feedback/approval
  6. Accept usage terms
  7. Download asset